F. C. FríoExpress

One of the services that require more specialization is logistics and cold transport. F. C. Courier take care in detail to know how and under which conditions it carry out. We include urgent and immediate transport up to 600 kg of cargo.

F. C. GastroFred

Barcelona and province                                                                  

With rigid equipment of refrigerator with 2 capacities. Routes between 2 – 8 positive degrees.

To the whole peninsula.

Through our system of maintenance with cold boxes, which are equipped with cold. Delivery the next day before 2 pm. Guaranteed a minimum of cold.


F.C Fahrenheit

Temperature controlled recording. Maintenance of more than 100 hours in our cold refrigerator autonomously. It allows the possibility, in the case of not being able to deliver, the recovery of the product without breaking the cold chain. Our deliveries are the following day before 2 pm.

We can pick the goods, or we can deliver them to you in our logistics center, since we have a cold room.

Through our website or your monthly bill you can view the constant monitoring through our ISTA certificate.

Your merchandise can travel to -24º, -15º, + 2º, + 8º, + 15º, + 25º, with external temperatures ranging from -15º to + 50º.



Our equipment, totally isothermal, refrigerated and endowed for the cold transport (with periodical technical revisions); guarantee levels of quality and self demand so that the merchandise arrives at the destination in the same state in which it was received.

As a result of our experience, hospitals, clinics and laboratories have placed their trust in us for the service of cold transport of blood and other medical specialties that require a high professionalism and sanitary rigor.

We have demonstrated efficiency in sectors such as food, catering and services where the maintenance of the cold chain is imperative. For this, we have installed a small cold controlled chamber, for that expedition that are stationed up to a maximum of 24 hours, is our commitment of excellence.

If you want to obtain a cold transport budget with a professional and efficient service, you just have to contact us by email or call our customer service number 660 001 008.


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